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Our Mission

Under the umbrella of Inspired by Courage (IBC), a new expression and celebration of African American pride, we, The Descendants, are uniquely positioned to carry forward the largely forgotten work of our ancestors through speaking engagements in public forums and in classrooms across the United States. We speak collectively and individually, candidly and openly about our family stories and on the difficult, and often hard to teach, subject of slavery; how it manifests in our family trees and overcoming the pain by reclaiming the past as an instrument of transformation.



Our Mission is twofold.



Inspired by Courage (IBC) also serves as a conduit in which to spread awareness about an epic milestone in the African American story that takes place on August 25, 2019. This date marks four centuries of the African American experience in America. More specifically, it commemorates the first ship landing of Africans in British Colonial America, signifying the start of slavery in what would become the United States. Although our ancestors did not come to America willingly, their stories are essential to this country's narrative. Collectively through panel discussions, individual speaking engagements, film, and even dramatic performances, we will tell a story of purpose, sacrifice, and heroism. For this milestone of pride and reflection, we a offer commemorative memorabilia to show our unity from this day forward! 


Join us in spreading the word about this watershed and reclaiming our noteworthy past. Learn how you, your orginization, or company can collaborate with us to carry the torch!

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