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Stories are the great levelers of the world; not because they eradicate our differences, but because they transcend them. 

-SJ Murray





The Raw Truth, with its captivating storytelling style, blends live narration and film where past and present collide in a celebration of the will of the human spirit. Not to be confused with the documentary film, Gina’s Journey: The Search for William Grimes, The Raw Truth is the film’s precursor.


Learn how an ancestor's story spoke verve and purpose into the life of an unassuming descendent who thought she had nothing — until she unearthed The Raw Truth! Stories matter, they are at the core of the human experience. The Raw Truth will make you ask yourself: What is my story and how will I honor it?


An engaging Q&A immediately follows! 




 As a teacher of American History, “The Raw Truth” interested me greatly, but I had no idea that this single presentation would still be on my mind weeks later.  The story of William Grimes, a runaway slave, is compelling all on its own, but it was the delivery of that story that made the impact.  I laughed, I cried, I lived for one whole hour on the edge of my seat while Regina eloquently preformed a soliloquy of history and reflection.  

Rebecca Valbuena

American History Teacher, Glendora Unified School District

California Council for the Social Studies Board of Directors

Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year, 2005


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