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Regina Mason is an inspirational speaker on an international level. She inspires us all to tap into our innate God given "gifts" to live our best life.


Finding inspiration from her great-great-great-grandfather, William Grimes, a runaway slave and autobiographer, Regina followed his example by giving herself permission to succeed. Regina's journey, like her ancestor's journey, shows how the will of the human spirit can transform the ordinary into doing extraordinary deeds we could not imagine for ourselves.  


No one was meant to be mediocre! Book Regina Mason today and discover how to give yourself permission to succeed. 















Regina Mason has a gift. I have seen a zillion and one speakers and have come to the conclusion that

people are either great speakers or not. Regina is a great speaker. She is passionate, personal, historical, global, and articulate. She is able to educate and inspire. Regina leaves the audience breathless with the knowledge of reclaimed history. She has a wonderful speaking voice that audiences could listen to forever.

Amy Cheney, Write to Read Librarian, Alameda County, CA


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